Making Gardening Easier

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Simplifying Gardening

As I become a more experienced gardener, I realize that it's time to simplify the way I garden, so I will have more time to enjoy the journey. I have made a few changes the way I do things I'm sharing how I did them here. Hope you find something that you can use.

Growing Food: Perennial & Annual

Growing food - Vegetables and Fruit
Container Gardening for Food
How To - Seeds and Seedlings
Plant Nursery Beds
Direct Sowing
Homemade Pesticides and Herbicides

Growing Flowers: Perennial, Biennial & Annual

Growing Flowers
Container Gardening for Flowers
How To - Seeds and Seedlings
Plant Nursery Beds
My Woodland Shade Garden
Homemade Pesticides and Herbicides
Perennial Gardening - my favourite

Gardening for Wildlife: Birds, Hummingbirds & Butterflies

Gardening for Birds
Gardening for Butterflies
Landscaping for Hummingbirds


Growing Herbs and their Benefits
Most of the Herbs I grow, I use them to craft with or make teas.

Miscellaneous Garden Content
You know the stuff that comes to you when you should be sleeping. :)
What's Blooming this Month?
Cordless Power Tools for Retirees and Seniors