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Perennials, Biennial, Self Seeders

Seeds, Corms, Bulbs and Tubers:

Most of the flowers that I grow are Perennials and Biennials, but sometimes I will plant annuals just for a pop of colour. This year I have these annuals:
Sunflowers, Geraniums, Calla Lilies, Dahlias, Gladiolus and Impatiens.
After Covid-19 the stores are having a hard time trying to figure out if the Covid-19 Pandemic is really over.

I do want to buy a few more seeds for a change. The fun for me is actually standing in front of the seed packets display and pondering which ones to buy. I do like to buy a Fuchsia, Pansies and some Petunias. If not this year, hopefully next year.

  1. What's Blooming this Month?
  2. Gladioli
  3. Dahlias
  4. Painted Daisies
  5. Spring Bulbs, Tubers, Corms
  6. Hollyhocks - Perennial
  7. Ranunculus
  8. Liatris - Blazing Star - Herbaceous Perennial
  9. Forcing Spring Bulbs to Bloom Indoors
  10. Direct Sowing
  11. Perennial Gardening
  12. Container Gardening
  13. Simplify Gardening
  14. Misc. Garden Content
  15. Homemade Pesticide & Herbicide
  16. Seed Packet Templates
  17. Seeds - Harvesting, Drying & Storing
  18. Infusing Oils & Vinegars
  19. Printable Templates
  20. Photo Gallery
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  23. How to grow Irises - Perennial - from Margie C.
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