Gardener at Work!

I am either working on this website or in the garden.
Come and join me on a journey of exploration of nature, the beauty of plants and the satisfaction of growing your own food.
At, I share my personal tips and suggestions based on my own experiences, encyclopedia and an extensive library of gardening books.
Hope you can use it!
growing food - vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs

Grow Food & Herbs

Simplifying Growing Food for Retirees: Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs.

container gardening indoors and outdoors

Growing Flowers

Tips for growing Perennial, Biennial and Annual Flowers . Saving Seeds.

flowers, perennials, biennuals, seeds and seedlings

Chat & Share

Gardeners' Chat - open - again. Hope spammers leave it alone this time.

photos of flowers, food and wildlife in my backyard

Watch Nature

Watch Nature with us. Share photos in Gardeners Chat.

Simplify gardening

Perennial Garden

What are Shrubs?
List of Colorful, Showy Shrubs.

Simplify Gardening

Simplify Gardening

Gardeners are always finding ways to simplify life.

printable garden templates

Garden Templates

Seed Envelopes, Monthly Seed Dividers and Crop Calendar Templates.

container gardens for food and flowers

Container Gardens

Container gardens for Food and Flowers. Best plants for containers.

Who We Are

Growing in Zone6B in Canada

who we are

I am gardening hobbyist who loves sharing our fresh produce with our neighbours and my gardening endeavours with you.
I have been building websites since 1996 and I think it's time to Retire and do some of the things that I love the most.
Aside from cultivating my garden, I also like capturing its beauty through photography.
Thank you for stopping by!

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