Gardening Weather Folklore & Sayings

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Gardening Weather Folklore:

Gardening Folklore refers to customs, stories, sayings and beliefs on how to grow plants that have been preserved and passed on orally over the years. Folklore is based on observation, common sense, myth and astrology.

How much of Folklore is still being used?

Our ancestors understood the importance our weather had in growing our food. So they watched for clues for warnings of important wind storms, rain and frost.

"Rainbow at night, shepherd's delight"
"Rainbow in morning shepherd's warning"

Weather Folklore Sayings

If the sun goes pale to bed:
It's an indication that it will rain tomorrow.

Clear Moon - Frost Soon.

The darker the colour of the caterpillar in the fall.
The harder the winter is going to be.

The higher the geese, the fairer the weather - applies to all migratory birds.

When sheep collect and huddle, tomorrow will become a puddle.

Most people that Sail Knows this one:

My husband learnt this one from his grandparents.

" Red sky at night - Sailor's delight."
Red sky in morning - Sailor's take warning."

Some of the Weather Folklore

Magic and Superstition - Interesting

- from Rodale - Organic Gardening
" Gardening Folklore is filled with ways to encourage plant growth by practicing magic or placating the Gods. Some of these practices have beneficial effects on their recipients, while others are just pure superstition.
People would toss cider around the base of the trees and set pieces of toast on the branches for the tree robin. Next, someone fired a shot or two into the trees. This actually was a helpful practice, because it dislodged dead branches and overwintering insect pests."

Planting Lore

Planting by the phases or the moon as well as the signs of the Zodiac.
I have seen people planting by the phases of the moon and the results were not very good, but it was fun watching.
Remember the Rhyme "itsy - bitsy - spider?" Yep - when I see a spider in the house - I know it's going to rain the next day.
What is it "Folklore, Superstition or a fear of Spiders"? :)
Do you know some Folklore and would like to share with us?