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I thought I was so organized and that I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about on this gardening website.
Then I found out that I don't have enough categories setup.
So, I will post here all of the gardening thoughts that comes through my head while I should be sleeping.
How to Choose the Right Plants and Equipment for Your Garden, so you'll have more time to enjoy your garden.

Cordless Tools for Retirees and Seniors:

I love using whatever tools I can in the garden. More time to sit in the shade.

Gifts from the Garden:

Gifts made with items from the garden and given to the right person it's just priceless.

My Woodland Shade Garden:

This one is Work in progress. I really would like to turn this section of my garden into a piece of heaven just for me.

Nursery Beds:

This helps so much when it's time to propagate plants for the garden.

All About Seeds & Seedlings :

You can do this. Enjoy the journey.

Direct Sowing:

Direct sowing is when you sow your seed directly in the soil. This is my preferred method.

What 's Blooming this Month?:

I am putting this here so I can answer my own questions. :)

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