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How to make my backyard Hummingbird friendly :

Just plant nectar rich flowers and the Hummingbirds will show up.

How do I make attract Hummingbirds to my garden :

If you love your garden, you already have what Hummingbirds Like.
I do put out a birdfeeder around May 1.
I tried earlier, but I had to dump the nectar out, because I think it was too early for them in Zone6.
This year I saw my first Hummingbird May 12. Last year I saw my first Hummingbird May 5.
Hummingbird Nectar Recipe:
I make my own.

1 part of white granulated sugar.
4 parts of water.
Mix all together - and you are done.
I only fill my feeders half full and put the rest in the fridge.

23 Plants and Flowers that attract Hummingbirds :

Honeysuckle, Zinnias, Sunflowers, Lavender, Cosmos, Petunias, Lobelia, Phlox, Day Lilies, Hollyhocks, Heucheras, Columbine, Geraniums, Sweet Alyssum, Lantana, Impatiens, Foxgloves, Cleomes, Lantana, Trumpet Vine, Morning Glory and Lupins.

Hanging plants that attract Hummingbirds:

I found that my Hummingbirds like Petunias, Geraniums, Impatiens, Lobelia and Fuchsia.

Best Hummingbird Feeder for me :

I like metal and glass hummingbird feeders.
Plastic hummingbird feeders only last about a season where I live. The hot bright sun just destroys them. I found the ones that I'm using at Homehardware and Lowes.

When to Hang Up a Hummingbird Feeder in Zone6? :

I hang up my hummingbird feeders around May 1.
I tried earlier, but I didn't see any.
At the same time I put out sliced oranges for the Baltimore Orioles.
If I don't have any sliced oranges, they will drink the Hummingbird Nectar, but they prefer the orange juice. :)
Gardening for Birds in Canada

Just plant nectar rich flowers and the Hummingbirds will show up.

When we bought this building lot, there was nothing here except grass, mostly weeds. I raked and I planted all day, including in my sleep. Then one day I was working in the garden and something went by me really fast and I just ignored it and again. So I looked and it was Hummingbird. I was standing in front of a Hollyhock and the Hummingbird wanted to eat. I wasn't looking for Hummingbirds and I didn't think there was any Hummingbirds around our area. After that I bought a hummingbird feeder and they continue to prefer the fresh nectar. :)
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About Humming birds

More than 400 Hummingbirds are Known and only 19 of those live in United States.
My hummingbirds migrate from United States, but British Columbia have Hummingbirds that winter there.

How Hummingbirds got its Name?

Hummingbirds got it's name from the sound that they make by their wings. Hummingbirds wings can move 60-70 a second.


Insects are the most important part of hummingbird's diet.
Nectar is dessert.

Hummingbird Types in Ontario Zone6:

I have seen three different species of hummingbirds in my backyard.

  • 1. Rubby-throated - see these most often - male and female
  • 2. Black-chinned
  • 3. Rufous

Hummingbirds' Size:

According to the encyclopedia.
A hummingbird without feathers - the smallest of the hummingbirds - are no large than a Bummblee. Only a few Hummingbirds are larger than 6".
The largest Hummingbird is the Giant Hummingbird, a native to Andes Mountains of South America. It grows to 9".
The smallest Hummingbird is the Bee Hummingbird, a native to Cuba. It grows to 2" long.
The smallest hummingbird in United States is the Calliope Hummingbird and it's native to western mountain regions and it's about 3" long.
I wanted to make sure I had this right.:)
- Reference Source:
World Book Encyclopedia

Hummingbird Clip Art to Colour

- some

Thank you Desertbrat for the video!


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