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My backyard Wildlife, Flowers & Vegetables

I am still an amateur photographer, even though I've been taking pictures with my Cannon digital camera for a very long time.
So much to learn and so little time. I would rather just take pictures and eventually get it right. I know, "not logical". :)

What I've refrained from doing is taking pictures during the middle of the day when the sun is very bright. Even though that's when I check my garden and want to take pictures. Pictures taken during a bright sunny day results in over exposed pictures with lots of shadows. I usually wait for a bright, cloudy day or early in the morning to take pictures. Sometimes I do take pictures during a bright sunny day. However, only if my subject is in the shade and I use my body to block the bright sunlight. I have a big body. :)

Digital Camera Settings?

I accepted all of the defaults that my camera came with except for "Colours and ISO".
I set my colours to "Vivid"

ISO - I usually set it to low - 100-200 ISO.
If the lighting is not perfect and I need to adjust the IS0 higher than 200, I end up with grainy pictures. So, I just wait until the lighting is right for me, instead of dealing with pictures that I can't use.

White balance correction - I do that per picture - especially for white flowers.
When I get a white flower that is in focus - it still surprises me.
If my digital pictures needs some adjusting, I can always import my photos to a photoshop program and adjust my photos.

My Backyard Birds Pictures


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