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Fall in Canada:

In the land of the Sugar Maples, how can you not marvel their glorious colours in the Fall.
Autumnal Equinox starts either September 22 or September 23.

Why a leaf turns color in the Fall/Autumn?

I wanted to make sure my thoughts were right and I checked with "World Book Encyclopedia".
Inside a leaf there are millions of tiny packages of color; Yellow, Orange, Red, Purples and Green.
The green colour covers up the others all summer and that's why they stay green until Autumn.


The green colour is chlorophyll


Bright Yellow Pigment is called - xanthophyll

Orange and Yellow hues:

Is from a another substance called - Carotin (Carotene)

Red and Purple Hues:

Is from a compound called - anthocyanin

Fall In Canada - why leaves change colour:

In the spring, water comes into each leaf through tiny tubes in the leaf's stem ( petiole ) and that's why leaves stay green all summer. Near the end of summer a thin layer of cork grows over the tubes and seals them up. Without water, the green chlorophyll fades away and yellow and orange leaves appear.
All summer, leaves make sugar.
Sap carries the sugar out of the leaf to other parts of the plant, but sometimes sugar gets trapped inside leaves when the tubes are sealed up. Then the sugar may cause the sap to turn red or purple. When the leaves are dry and dead they turn brown.
Most of the time, wind will come along and blow them away, before I'm finished admiring their beautiful Fall colours.

A poem from - World Book Childcraft

So this is Autumn

Now far and near on field and hill
We watch the death of chlorophyll
As earl autumn rushes in
With xanthrophyll and carotin.
I hold that ignorance is bliss
Considering the fact that this
Is how a botanist perceives
The coloring of autumn leaves.
W.W. Watt

Many Thanks to the Photographers for sharing their Fall Pictures.

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