Winter in Canada
- from Ontario to British Columbia.

Driving across Canada in February, 2020.
Father and daughter team.
Dad the driver and daughter the designated photographer.

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You will see winter in Canada through the camera lens of someone that has never seen so many mountains, Logging Trucks and blowing snow across the highway making it almost impossible to see well enough to drive.
Also a mountain was in the way of where the road was suppose to go, so they drilled through the side of the mountain. Makes sense to me. :)
The landscape pictures where taken from a moving car, making many stops to clean the windshield.
In Banff the photographer lost her phone. Not happy about it, but that is something that she will never forget.

Places to Sleep:

Comfort Inn, because it came with free breakfast. Except for on the way home when the pandemic restrictions was just started. At least they didn't have to be quarantined for 10 days at every province they drove through. Those restrictions came onto affect after they were home. They barely made it.

Places to eat:

I saw pictures of McDonalds, Chinese Food Restaurants and Tim Hortons.

Gas Prices in Comparison to Ontario:

Alberta was the cheapest.
British Columbia - the highest.

I sorted through over 5,000 images and it was really hard to narrow it down to just a few hundred. Many Thanks to the Driver and Photographer for all of the Snow Pictures.

Fall in Canada
Pictures of Birds
Pictures of Flowers and Garden

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winter in Canada starting the drive to British Coloumbia winter in Canada - the photographer winter in Canada winter in Canada winter in Canada winter in Canada winter in Canada driving through Manitoba winter in Canada driving behind snowplow winter in Canada driving through Winnipe CN train closeup CN train Canadian Pacific train  Ice winter driving through Muskoka winter driving through Parry Sound winter driving through Sudburry  winter driving  winter driving bridge  winter driving fresh snow  winter driving through Saskatoon  winter driving lake in background Seaton Provincial Park Park covered in Snow Mountain covered in snow Ice on side of the road Sunset winter in Canada Sunset winter in Canada Red Berries Mountain by the side of the road winter in Canada Moosejaw Nice Looking bridge Drilling oil Tower Canadian Pacific Engines Tipi on Indian Reservations Redcliff - greenhouse capital of the prairies winter in canada - prairies Cows Gin is In - Banff Mountains and Truck Mountains in Banff Banff downtown Banff Visitor Centre in Alberta Banff National Park in Alberta winter driving in canada Lake Louise in canada Winter bird in Canada Winter in Canada Revelstoke, Kamloops BC Washroom on the side of the road welcome to revelstoke  to Kamloops  truck with logs  logs piled-up on side of road  logs  Plumes coming from the winery  Plumes coming from the winery  Plumes coming from the winery  winter driving in BC  Going through Penticton BC Geese having a swim in BC Orchards  in BC Vineyards  in BC Osoyoos BC  Canada Erickson BC  Canada Truck full of logs in BC road through the mountain BC  Canada Crowsnest Pass  BC  Canada White horse in BC  Canada snow blowing across the highway snow truck snowing in Canada snowing in Canada winter in canada - barn

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