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Pictures of Animals

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Pictures of my Backyard Animals.
Some pictures of the babies that are missing are;
Raccoons, Foxes, Squirrels and Chipmunks.
The Raccoons only come around at night and every year they come and introduce their babies to "all you can eat" buffet.
They usually have 5 babies. :(


They were a surprise.
I was weeding the cabbage vegetable bed and I stepped on something and then the somethings started to move.
I was grossed out because I thought they were rats. However, I was more curious than scared, because I went to check on what I just saw and they were "4 bunnies (leverets)". They couldn't be very old because they were still in the nest.
Well, it's better than rats. ;)
The Mom ( doe ) built a nest right in the grocery store.
They grew up so quickly!

Song Sparrow:

This was another interesting time.
I was digging up a clump of "Fever Few" and then I saw something. I thought it was something else that the critters were hiding.
It was a nest with hatchlings.
It was a hot sunny day and I just exposed these birds to the elements and predators.
Now I had to make some shade and give them some protection.

Every morning I went to check on them - with their eyes still closed they will open their mouths.
I said " no way buddy, that is where I draw the line, I am not feeding you."
One morning I went to check on them and I thought I was going to be pecked to death, by the parents and the babies.
After the excitement came to a halt I started to think, maybe the fledgelings were not ready to fledge, but they were all bopping around and the parents were feeding them and then they took the babies over to the trees. It was stressful being a grandmother to song sparrows, but I was also so proud to see them start on their own journey.

Downy Woodpecker:

This is the first time I saw a baby woodpecker at the feeder.
Mom kept on teaching the woodpecker how to feed, but the baby just looked confused.

American Gold Finch:

This one was new to me as well.
We have lots of gold finch around, but this is the first time I saw their babies at the feeders.
Spring is usually so busy that maybe I'm just not seeing them. :)

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