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Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs with poems and Holiday Clipart

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Seed Packet Template - Help in the garden to Print:
6 Seed Packet / Envelopes Templates for:

For a large amount of seeds - I used clear jars, but I still print a seed packet and slide it down the inside of jar with all the important information. Then in the spring I won't have the jar in my hand and say " what is this? " :)
Seedpackets is also so handy to share seeds with friends or if you store seeds in a seedbox.
I hope you can use them. :)

  1. Vegetables

  2. Flowers

  3. Herbs

  4. Squash

  5. Ink friendly plain Seed Packet Template.

Vintage Craft Seed Packet Printable Templates:
These came from a website that I closed recently. I hope you can use them.

vintage flower seed packet craft printable logo

Vintage Flower - Printable Seed Packet Templates:

Petunia - Blue - vintage seed packet - free printable template

Blue and Pink Petunia - vintage seed packet - free template

Canna - vintage seed packet - free printable

Canterbury Bells - vintage seed packet

Cardinal Climber - vintage seed packet

Carnations - Mixed - Printable

Cosmos- Klondyke Orange seed packet printable

Cosmos- Sensation Dazzler

Helichrysum vintage seed packet printable

Mourning Bride - seed packet printable

Petunia Fire Chief - seed packet printable

Petunia Mixed Colors printable

Petunia - Rainbow Mixtures - seed packet printable

Petunia - Red, Blue and Pink printable

Purple and Pink Petunia - seed packet printable

Red and Pink Carnations - Printable Template

Stocks- giants of California - seed packet - Template

Sweet William - Printable Template

White Hyacinth - seed packet - Printable Template

seed packet vintage vegetable logo

Printable Seed Packet Templates - Vintage Vegetables:

  1. corn - vintage seed packet -printable template

  2. squash - free vegetable printable template

  3. pole beans - vintage seed packet

  4. watermelon - free printable template

  5. cabbage - seed packet template

  6. beet - seed packet template

  7. carrots - seed packet printable

  8. early white squash - seed packet template

  9. melon - seed packet

 friendship seed packet with poem  logo

Canada friendship flower seedpacket with poem:

  1. seed packet template with poem - forget me not dear teacher

  2. with poem - I didn't buy you a bouquet

  3. I was looking for a pot of gold

  4. may the luck of the irish help them grow

  5. money seeds

  6. once the wedding day is over

  7. scatter seeds of happiness

  8. thank you for nurturing me

  9. thinks the world of you

  10. what does Santa do all year

  11. what red hat gals can do

christmas seed envelope template logo

  1. Lady shopper with parcels

  2. season's greetings with poinsettias

  3. Kids with Santa making a wish list

  4. Christmas Wishes

  5. Christmas Eve

  6. girls, snow and holly

  7. boy, girl, snow and holly

  8. kids decorating tree

  9. window, snow and holly

  10. kids, birds, feeder and snow

  11. girl, holly, poinsettias and snow

  12. Christmas Angel

Small Patriotic Envelopes to Print:

I looked around the web for Canadian "patriotic clipart" and I didn't find anything.
I thought it would be nice to say "Thanks" to our troops, veterans, share tea, cocoa, coffee or just sharing a small trinket with someone.
I always look for "made in Canada" anything and then I found that our Canadian flags are not made in Canada.

  1. Patriotic envelope with poem

  2. Patriotic envelope says " O Canada"

  3. " The True North strong and free! "

  4. " our home and native land! "

  5. patriotic envelope 1 - Flag

  6. patriotic envelope 2 - Canada Map

Canada Clipart - Seasonal and Special Occasions

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