12+ Monthly Tab Seed Dividers

and how to use them

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How to use Monthly Seed Dividers:

I have my seeds organized into four categories:
Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs and Squashes.

Now I will be able to store my seeds by the month that I'm suppose to be sowing them for.
Direct sowing seeds are always after the grounds thaws out in Zone6 and it's around late April.
Other seeds I have to start them indoors like peppers and have my seeds organized by the month and using succession sowing dividers does help.

Monthly Seed Dividers - How to:

A shoe box or any small box will work for this.
However, I did buy small colour coded plastic storage boxes that locks and is water proof, just in case I want to take my seeds outdoors.
I have forgotten my seeds outdoors and the next day all I had left were crumbs. :)
I only use this method for seeds that are small enough for seed packets.
For the large seeds like, beans, corn, peas etc. I have them in clear jars and on trays with seed labels. A shallow cardboard box will work as well and you can write on the box. This time I just went to the $Store and bought Kitty Litter trays. This way if I want to look at my seeds, I just slide the whole tray of seeds at one time.

I laminated the monthly seed dividers that I need to organize my seeds by the sowing month.
I don't have a laminating machine, so I bought clear contact paper from the $Store and laminated both sides of my seed dividers. It works! They are sturdy and easy to clean or you can just come to this page and print a new page.

Monthly Seed Divider Templates.
January   ||   February   ||   March   ||   April   ||   May   ||   June   ||   July   ||   August   ||   September   ||   October   ||   November   ||   December

Blank Seed Divider Templates.
Seed Divider Template 1   ||   Seed Divider Template 2   ||   Seed Divider Template 3
Succession Sowing Template

Canada Clipart - Seasonal and Special Occasions

I hope you can use some of these and share with your friends.
Please let me know if you found a "typo". After a while I go code blind. Thank you!

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