Gardening Tools

- that are a Waste of Time & Money

List of useless Gardening Tools

  1. Bulb Planters
  2. Weed Diggers - or Dandelion Diggers
  3. Small Gardening Rake from Lowe's
  4. Clippers from Fiskars

Do Bulb Planters Work?

Most peoples gardening soil are too heavy and hard to be able to use a bulb planter even if you have strong wrists. If you have strong wrists you'll need a new bulb planter every year.
An auger drill bit attachment for your drill will do a better job, but you still need strong wrists, unless you start out with fluffy, loose soil. Also when you are using either a bulb planter or an auger drill bit on your drill, you are only planting one bulb at a time.

What works best for me is to work my soil with a fork, add compost and Bone Meal. Then add 5-7 bulbs pointy side up per hole, ( if I can't tell which side should be up, just I put them on their side) cover the bulbs with some soil and then chicken wire to protect the bulbs from Critters and Me. Then just wait. :) I do this for all bulbs.

Can you use Bulb Planters in your lawn?

Maybe. The Bulb Planter with a handle that you step on it - maybe - if your lawn is wet.
However, if you are planting bulbs in your lawn, an auger attachment for your drill ( now called a bulb planter ) will do the best job. Just hang on to your drill.

Bulb Planter Prices

They start about $10 at places like Walmart - to $84.50 at Lee Valley.
They don't work unless you have perfect soil. If we had perfect soil we would be using a trowel or our hands.

Where to Buy Bulb Planters?

Mine were a gift. I think the kids and I use it once. :)
Bulb Planters are available at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Hardware, Homedepot, Lowe's and Lee Valley.

How to use a Bulb Planter?

If you have nice soil you just push your bulb planter in the soil. Twist the bulb planter until the right depth and pull it out. Drop in your bulb and cover with the soil and that's it. The right depth etc. that's what the advertizers say.

Bulb Planters and Critters:

If you have mice, moles, chipmunks and squirrels, the bulb planter won't dig deep enough and you are only digging one hole at the time. That's two of the reasons that makes this tool useless.

Weed Diggers like Dandelion Weeders

What a mess they make. It splits the roots most of the time and leaves holes everywhere. I still have them in the shed collecting dust. I either hand pull my weeds or use Herbicides.

Small Gardening Rake from Lowe's:

I wanted a small rake to use in my raised beds.
Picked up this rake at Lowe's (about 1/2 size regular rake) tried it on my heavy clay soil and it feels like a kids toy. It's too light and I have to push it into the soil to get any work done. That was a waster of time. Looks cute in the shed. :)

Clippers from Fiskars:

The handles are not smooth and too thick for my hands.