How to grow Heuchera commonly known as Coral Bells

Vibrant Perennial coloured leaves with tiny bell flowers that hummingbirds love.

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Heuchera / Coral Bells:

Looking for a herbaceous perennial with vibrant coloured leaves for a pop of colour and is Hummingbird friendly?
Then Heuchera is the plant for you!

Heucheras bear clouds of delicate, hanging bells in shades of white, pink, red and green.
Flowers are borne on thin, 1-1/2 stems above low mounds of rounded to maplelike 2" evergreen leaves. Grows in Zone3-8.

Heuchera Varieties:

  1. Palace Purple: has deep purple foliage and pink flowers.
  2. Lime Marmalade: ruffled lime green leaves with greenish white flowers - I think - I have to wait until it blooms again.
  3. Caramel: caramel-colored foliage with white flowers.
  4. Obsidian: dark purple leaves, almost black foliage with pink flowers.
  5. Marmalade: This variety has orange foliage with white flowers.
  6. Plum Pudding: This variety has deep purple foliage with pink flowers.

How to Grow Heuchera

Plant or divide in spring when the centres dry out.
Grow Heucheras in partial shade to full sun, depending on the variety and if the soil is kept moist.
It prefers well-draining soil that is humus-rich soil.
Good drainage and loose mulch help reduce freeze-and-thaw winter damage to the fragile roots.
When planting Heuchera, make sure to space the plants 12 to 18 inches apart to allow for adequate air circulation.
Water regularly, but be careful not to overwater, as Heuchera is susceptible to root rot. Fertilize lightly in the spring.
Mulch well

Landscape Uses

Mass plant in woodlands, borders, edges, containers and among rocks.
I have lots of Heucheras in my shade garden - my wannabe woodland.
Contrast Heucheras with Hostas, Ferns, Columbines or wildflowers.

Heuchera Maintenance

Once established, Heuchera requires very little maintenance.
In the spring, remove any dead or damaged foliage to promote healthy growth.
Fertilize with a small amount of balanced, slow-release fertilizer and they will just grow and bless you with beautiful colorful foliage and pretty bell shaped flowers.
Some people will fertilize in mid summer as well, but I just do it in the spring.

Heuchera Pests and Diseases:

Heuchera is relatively pest and disease free, except for powdery mildew, which can occasionally afflict the plant.
Some people have problems with slugs and snails, but they seem to leave my Heucheras alone.


Heuchera can be propagated by division or seed.
Every 3 - 4 years Heucheras will need to be divided to keep up with their healthy growth.
I just dig up the Heuchera, break up the clump into small pieces in the spring and that's where I get my extra plants to share.

Did you know?

"Heuchera was first discovered in the 1700s by French botanist André Michaux, who named the plant after his friend, Johann Heinrich von Heucher, a German physician and botanist.
The plant's original habitat was in the woodlands of North America, where it thrived in moist, shady conditions."
I didn't know that!
It sure is a pretty plant and is drought tolerant. The leaves will be a bit droopy, but after a good watering the leaves perk up and says "Thank You". :)


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