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Astilbe ( False Spirea ) Care and Maintenance:

How to grow Astilbe

Plant Astilbe in early spring, barely covering the new pink shoots. I plant Astilbe the same level that it was in the pot.
Clump forming Astilbe does best in full sun to partial shade with moist and slightly acid soil with lots of compost.
Provide extra water to prevent leaf scorch on hot days.
Scatter some fertilizer around the crown of Astilbe in the spring. Watch for slugs and snails around Astilbe's moist soil.

Astilbe Flower:

Astilbes have tiny, fuzzy flowers in many shades of white, pink and red.
Flowers are born above the shiny, fernlike, attractive, clump of foliage, sometimes tinged with red.


Full Sun
If you live in a cool climate.

Flowering Period:



1.5' to 3 feet

Hardiness Zone:

4 - 8


Keep the soil moist.
Chinese Astilbe tolerates drier soil better than most.

Planting Depth:

The same depth that it was in the pot.
Barely covering the new pink shoots.

Landscaping Uses:

Grow Astilbe in large drifts in borders and woodlands.
Leave the flower spikes on the plants for winter interest.
In the spring I just cut the brown spikes.

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