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Bug Control and Homemade Traps:

    Q. How many people are tired of buying Insecticide and Pesticides
    for the magic ingredient to solve all of our pest problems?
    A. I do!

My house and my garden shed looks like a medical lab.
I'm either going to use all of that stuff or throw it all out.
Time to go back to the basics. If I have to keep on spraying or baiting traps more than once, that's what I'm going to do. Also, some of this stuff that gardening books suggests, I can't find them or they are really expensive.

I have 7 active ingredients that I use in my garden.

  1. water
  2. liquid soap
  3. garlic
  4. onion
  5. oil
  6. tanglefoot, STP oil or anything that's sticky

    Q. What is the active ingredient in your bought insecticides?
    A. Most of mine are soap.

Simple Homemade Traps you can make yourself:

Name: How to:
Colored Sticky Traps: Colored sticky traps are useful to control a variety of species.
Bright blue traps are suitable for monitoring flower thrips numbers;
White traps attract tarnished plant bugs, they also attract beneficial flies.

Yellow orange traps lure carrot flies.
Yellow sticky traps are effective controls for whiteflies, fungus gnats and imported cabbageworms.
Sticky Traps:
You can make sticky traps from wood, cardboard or stiff plastic. Paint the base with a coat of primer and 2 coats of bright yellow, or blue paint.
Coat with a sticky stuff compound using a paintbrush, popsicle stick or a knife. Use stiff adhesive like Tanglefoot ( real sticky ) for large insects and thinner glues like SPT oil for treatment for small insects. Scrape off the insects and recoat as needed.
Apple Maggot Traps: Red spheres covered in sticky glue attract femal apple maggot flies. Plastic balls can be painted red to make apple maggot traps.
I bought ping-pong balls. Spray paint it red. Use a hot paperclip and threaded through the balls for apple maggot traps. Starting in mid June, hang 1 trap in a dwarf tree and up to 6 traps in a full-sized tree. Renewing the glue every 2 weeks.
Japanese Beetles: Cut the necks off 1 gallon milk jug and fill with a fermented mixture of water and sugar, crushed fruit and yeast. Strain the bugs and reuse mixture. A plastic water bottle will work too. Cut the water bottle in half. Poke 1 hole on each side or wire or hanging bottle. Fill bottom with yeast and fruit mixture. Invert the top of bottle in bottom of bottle and hang.
Cherry Fruit fly traps: Yellow sticky traps catch cherry fruit flies if a small bottle of equal parts water and household ammonia. Hang one trap on each each tree.
Plastic bottles make good cherry fruit traps. Paint the shoulders of the bottle yellow and fill it with lure. Fill with a mixture of water and sugar, crushed fruit and yeast. Strain the bugs and reuse mixture.
Yellow Water traps: Fill a bright yellow pan or tray with water; to which a small amount of liquid soap has been added, to attract and drown aphids.
Slugs & Snails: Slugs and Snails are attracted to stale beer, spoiled yogurt, or a mixture of yeast and water.

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