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Autumn Joy Sedum Care and Maintenance in Zone 6:

Autumn Joy needs very little care. You just plant it and it just gets on with it.
It likes full sun to partial shade.
Hot and dry conditions. I only water mine once a week.
It likes well drained soil.
Propagate by division.
I grow Autumn Joy mostly for fall and winter colour.
In August the flowers are pink - then darkens to Red and by winter the seed-heads are a gorgeous brown.
Good for Zone 4 - 10.
Herbaceous Perennial in zone 6.

Autumn Joy Maintenance Zone 6:

I don't do anything to my Autumn Joy Sedum except for watering.
In the spring I cut my sedums died flowering stalks back, give it some compost. That's it.
In July I pinch my sedums back to encourage them to bush out and stay straight.
A lot of my plants get a haircut in July like, Cosmos, Mums, Fever Few etc.


Easy to propagate, but I like doing it in the spring.
Cut a piece of the sedum, clean the bottom leaves of the stem and plant.
I just keep it watered until it takes root and it's done.


Full Sun
Autumn Joy will thrive in semi-shade, but it will be floppy.

Flowering Period:

Mid August to Mid October in Zone 6.


12 - 36 inches

Blooms and Size:

Tiny, pink, star shaped flowers borne in flat clutters.
In a mature plant, the bloom clusters can be up to six inches.


I really don't water Sedums very much. Once a week if it doesn't rain. Succullents need very little water.

Planting Depth:

The same depth that it was in the pot.
The crown of the Sedum plant should be the same level as the surrounding soil.

Companion Plants:

I like Ornamental Grasses, Lavender and Irises.

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